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Charles Jerome Broquard

Charles Jerome Broquard – has been involved with high-crimes against citizens of Los Angeles and its surrounding counties by pretending to be Lawyer, Business Professional and a Doctor.  Located at 4764 La Villa Marina Unit H Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292.   Charles Jerome Broquard is a deceptive, devious common thief who uses identity thief as means to support his lavish life style. Broquard . He can be found standing outside of Los Angeles court rooms graveling and targeting vulnerable innocent people who are under-direst and approaches them by using falsified names (identity theft). He encourages them to start frivolous lawsuits, online campaigns, boycotting activity and using local homeless individuals who are in dire-need of resources to stand as activist in front the victims place of business.


“Charles uses real names of promenade attorneys operating under false identities of legitimate attorneys – even going as far too use their name on a business card with his telephone number as a contact”

Charles also has a partner Reid Douglas Field Located at: 6519 West 87th Place Westchester, Ca 90045. These two have a current case in Los Angeles court, Case number: 2:16-cv-09561 for Personal Injury – Assault, Libel, & Slander. The current case is based on activities of Defamation, Slander and online campaigns, flooding the internet with websites with false information. The two has been in operation for over 10 years, not only have they defamed and used slander on this one citizen. They have using this operation as a standard on many Los Angeles promenade Doctors. Broquard and Field have been using Name.com servers to pull off these heist of local citizens, by using phony names on domains to lead local, state and federal authorities in a different direction.

Broguard and Field’s uses common thug practices are that are malicious, illusory and extremely harmful to the honest professionals they slander. They have found a way  to become financially stable at the demise of others,  the pair should ready themselves for a barrage of slander and libel lawsuits and restraining orders from a legal standpoint.  If you have been harmed by these 2 men – contact the Los Angeles Sheriff’s office.  Obviously something they have familiarity with attempting to procure against others / the innocence victims they wounded emotionally, financially, directly and indirectly.

Court News


DOCKETED CAUSE AND ENTERED APPEARANCES OF COUNSEL AND PRO SE APPELLANT. SEND MQ: No. The schedule is set as follows: Transcript ordered by 12/20/2017. Transcript due 01/19/2018. Appellant Charles Jerome Broquard opening brief due 02/28/2018. Appellee aPriori Technologies, Inc. answering brief due 03/30/2018. Appellant’s optional reply brief is due 21 days after service of the answering brief. [10664147] (JBS) [Entered: 11/22/2017 09:36 AM]

 Stories on Charles Jerome Broquard

Great Reporting by Ripoff Report

Lee of Canoga Park, California –  States

I worked for Charles Jerome Broquard dba Broquard Water Art he is the worst employer I have ever worked for. He would consistently not pay payroll hold payroll and or give out bad checks. He operates with no business licences has employees drive vehicles without proper registration or insurance.He deliberately does not pay vendors as a tactic to negotiate a lower price.He does the same thing with employees constantly not paying them hours worked or inventing back charges long after the work has been done.


He did not pay workmans comp or payroll taxes and last I heard was being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for fraud. At one point I heard he was arrested with a 250.000 dollar bail. I put in a fountain in NYC at Rosa Mexicana on Park he promised to pay me when the job was done for 6 weeks work where he knew it would be impossible to cash out of state checks.I worked there for 6 weeks when I got off the plane he paid me 1300.00 when he owed me 3300.00 I waited a week for the pay and when it was not paid filed a complaint with the california Labor Board.the Labor Board told me that he had several complaints against him and that there was little chance of collecting.


I have contacted Broquard at his web site and demanded payment with no response.I have not been able to figure out whether he is in jail. I strongly suggest to anyone to stay away from this very shrewd con artist. The more I find out about him the clearer it becomes this is a recurring pattern with him. If you have any information about him please post it here as I am still trying to collect my back wages and trying to get an accounting on payroll taxes withheld and not paid to the government.


Broquard Spotted In Los Angeles

3/8/2018 – Broquard Spotted In Los Angeles

Protesters spot him and interact with Broquard and Police.

3/13/2018 – Broquard Spotted In Marina Dey

Protesters stand in Broquards neighborhood  in from of the

Villa Toulon Condominiums in Marina Del Rey


Put Him In Jail


Broquard Facts

Identity Theft0%
Daily Scams0%

If  Charles Jerome Broquard has Harmed You

Contact Local Authorities Immediately

He lives at 4764 La Villa Marina Unit H, Marina Del Rey CA 90292

Cell Phone: (424) 227-0184  &  (310) 994-8298


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